Meet Steven Everly

Steven Everly for Congress


A Short History of Steven Everly

I was born on January 3rd, 1951, in a five-bed hospital in small town Pleasantville, IA to Lowell and Gladys Everly. Growing up, I had three siblings, two sisters and one brother. Our parents ran a dry-cleaning shop in our small town of Pleasantville, and my father also worked as a night chief inspector at a company called SOLAR AIRCRAFT. Growing up in such a small town, like Pleasantville, Iowa was a kid’s dream come true.

Eventually my parents sold the dry-cleaning shop, and six months later SOLAR AIRCRAFT shut their doors and jobs were sparse. At 40, my father found it very difficult to find a new position in surrounding areas. A year later, he was hired at the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines, IA to be the laundry foreman.

Due to the financial burdens my parents were going through, it forced us to move to Knoxville, IA where we lived in a home that you couldn’t even see the front porch or first floor through the horse weeds and brush. It took my parents many years to make a beautiful home out of this wreck.



At the age of 8 years old, I was enrolled in St. Anthony’s Catholic School, where the nuns drove us to excellence. At the age of 9, I was involved in a gasoline explosion and spent several months in the hospital getting treatments for my burns, this was the first time I realized God saved my life. At 10 years old, I was hit by a large vehicle and was casted and in braces for approximately 8 months, again God intervened. This seemed to have been a recurring theme in my life. I then entered Knoxville High School where I graduated from in 1969.

After high school I worked a year before entering college at DMACC, where I went to study electronics and computer programming. College became short lived, I dropped out and traveled to the East Coast. When returning home, I began the path of becoming a lineman and eventually an electrician.


The Work History of Steven Everly

My work history started with a paper route for the Register and Tribune, moving on to work for the local Reminder which only delivered once a week. I had over 500 papers in my route and kept this job until I was 13 years old.

At the age of 14, I started working for the Knoxville Block Company where we unloaded delivered block and made concrete blocks of the specialty type. The owner of the block company took me out one day to teach me how to drive a large truck, due to his health declining he wanted to make sure his employees could handle work if an emergency occurred.

At age 15, I spent a summer in a small town in North Dakota while staying with my aunts and uncles. I got a job working in the wheat fields and driving trucks to the elevators during harvest. At the end of that summer I started my freshman year of High School in Knoxville, I worked part time on a garbage truck route, poured concrete, restaurant cook, mechanic in a truck shop, and as a gas station attendant.

After high school I started working for Elevator Contractors. Then I received the opportunity to join IBEW local 55 and IBEW local 347, where I started my path to becoming an electrician. Meisner Electric hired me as a journeyman, followed by a supervisor. Eventually I left there and went to work for Hormel Foods, a meat processing company in Knoxville, IA where I was a night maintenance man.









Steven Everly hard at work, welding in the workshop.

Steven Everly, a hard working electrician.


Steven Everly and His Family

I met my wife while working at Meisner Electric, I worked out of town in construction, and she worked night shift at Pella Corporation. At that point, I knew I was going to marry that woman and she has been with me ever since.

We married in her parents’ home on their century farm. We still live in the old house she owned before we married. Our first home renovation occurred when we were truly poor and had to do dishes in that bathtub. The house had no insulation but many renovations, additions, later we have made a beautiful home where we ended up raising five adopted children. During this time, I worked for Hormel Foods, with the help of my wife and her devotion she helped build our business while working night shifts at Pella Corporation.

Everly Electric became my day job, while working night shifts as a maintenance man. Eventually I quit Hormel so I could devote more time to my family and take some of the burden off my wife. My oldest son came to us when he was seven days old. My second son came from the country of El Salvador at the age of four. My youngest son and his sister were adopted through social services after they had lived with us for a previous three years.

Lastly, my youngest daughter came to us when she was four years old from Guatemala. For over 30 years my wife and I have struggled to raise a family, build a business. I am truly committed to pro-life believing all lives matter, even the least and smallest of us.





Steven Everly: a Christian, a Citizen and a Republican

I was very politically active in my youth and involved in many Democratic causes. With time, age, and life it has turned me into a very conservative individual with very different ideas. That ended any relationship with the Democratic Party.


My first time at a Republican caucus, I was warmly received and found a place that true ideas could be discussed. I am first a Christian, second American, Conservative, and finally Republican.

I have worked with the County Republican Party for almost 20 years. I’ve spent these past 20 years studying the Constitution, the founders and the people that I’ve read about has brought me to this time, that I have decided to run for the U.S. House Representative for the 2nd District.

I wholeheartedly believe that we need a citizen legislature, not a politician.


In my trade, I have run multimillion- dollar projects, dealt with lawyers, and even dealt with the Iowa Supreme Courts. I have fought my entire life for honesty and truth in businesses and politics. I believe that I, and most conservative candidates believe in the Constitution, and with real life experiences to hold this office position I hope others will agree.


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