Caucus Speech for Candidate Steve R Everly for U.S. Congress, 2nd District

Caucus Speech for Candidate Steve R Everly for U.S. Congress, 2nd District


Steven Everly


My name is Steven Everly, just a common working man with common sense. I am running for U.S. Congress 2nd district.

We, the people, have sent politicians to represent us in Washington D.C. and the State House. They have sworn an oath to God on the bible to defend our constitution and to represent us, the people, in their districts. This is a Covenant with us, sworn before God. When many politicians get to Washington D.C. or the State House, I feel they treat their oath and us with disrespect. We need people that CANNOT be swayed by money, power, or fame.

This country can NOT exist without a constitution, that was inspired by God. Without respect for life we have nothing. Without the 2nd amendment we cannot have the first or any other part of our constitution.

Being from a farm background I learned that good fences make good neighbors. I believe you cannot have a county without secure borders and enforceable AND sensible immigration laws.

Whether we like it or not, insurance and health care is a business not a right. We MUST release businesses and people to purchase health insurance in groups and organizations ACROSS the nation, which cannot be done today. Health care providers should provide cost Before rendering services, Not After. Those that cannot get health insurance, due to economic or medical conditions, should be supported by the state, counties, and local communities so their challenges can be handle at the closet available level.

We must END government overreach. We must unleash not restrain the free market forces to expand our economy, so everyone can make a life for themselves and their families. Freedom is not free. It must be nurtured by every generation.

I know this is my time to serve the state and the country that I love. It is not dawn in America, but it is a new morning of a new day. I believe in the next great awaking of our founding principles. For this reason, I pledge my faith and resources to you the people I WANT TO serve. Do a great thing for America—vote Steven Everly.


Thank you,

Steven R Everly
Congressional U.S. Congressional Candidate, 2nd District

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